Healing Crystal – OBSIDIAN

My crystal to embrace this week number one in 2014 is Obsidian.  I happen to have a beautiful rainbow Obsidian, so I will carry that with me.   I found this beautiful website, not only offering information on the healing properties of crystals, but putting it all together for you to wear.  Please take a … Continue reading Healing Crystal – OBSIDIAN


Wheel of Fortune – My week One Tarot Card

This year, I intend to pull cards from my various decks each week, and really get to know the card. I want to take in all the messages, and see what's up. My Tarot Card for Week One 2014 is The Wheel of Fortune. As I sit here trying to make some pretty hard decisions … Continue reading Wheel of Fortune – My week One Tarot Card

Lucid Dreamwork

Are you a Lucid dreamer? I am, and at times I find it frustrating.  I was doing some research and loved these articles.  When your dream state is like mine, I think using that may be something I need to learn how to do more with.  The moon's magic, the owl medicine, it has much … Continue reading Lucid Dreamwork

Ah, the Butterfly

LOTS of butterfly medicine this summer! I'm excited tonight for the delivery of more lessons. Earlier in June, i remember experiencing this erratic butterfly zooming around the Earth house.   I was really actually taken back by it, this yellow/black beauty was fluttering and flying into things, and acting so out of control.  I got … Continue reading Ah, the Butterfly