About Me

I’m just a seeking girl.

Grew up in an Irish, Roman Catholic home. Went to Catholic School. Graduated, and started questioning everything and fell in love with this simple fact … WE ARE ALL SEEKING, and we are all the same. And how beautiful the diversity of this seeking can be.

We may say it differently, or it may look differently, and to some religions, this is scary, and alien – this is just my attempt at showing the absolute universal equality we all have within us, as HUMANS. Born the same.  Just in different houses, on different patches of dirt where we won’t fall into the ocean.  I mean really.

Coexist people!  we have to change this planet from the inside out.  It’s about energy, and vibrating in light instead of the other – sometimes even hard for me to do.

Perhaps this blog will help me remember too.  I always find things I want to share … so this will be my place to do that


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