Eating local

IMG_3760I’ve decided to eat local for the rest of the summer. And I’m talking really local since I have everything I need right in my neighborhood.   I planted so much on Earth Home, I inherited a row in the community garden with all kinds of yummies growing and my friend is going to Peru and he will have food needing to be picked and stored while I chicken sit. It’s pretty fun learning about all the ways to cook and fall-veggie-gardenprepare these things that are in abundance right now.  I’ve always considered myself a good cook, and have worked in a few restaurants in my day in New England, and the artist in me loves to get creative in the kitchen. I intend to share this experience with all you other foodies out there.

I am picking off what is already in my pantry as far as staple food (quinoa, images-1lentils, beans, seeds, seaweed, etc) and I have a full selection of yummy spices and fresh herbs growing, and i have stored dried foods and fruits.  The only reason I hope to go to the grocery is for Grace and Aine for pet food; and wine, my guess is occasionally I will want wine.  But through October, while I am here at Earth Home, I will be focused on living off the land.

Most recently it has been mushroom season, but by next week the blueberries, blackberries and huckleberries will be everywhere, and i’ll have to switch gears, and start some dried fruits.

For the most part, i don’t think this will be so hard.  There are certainly a few things I will go without, but I am going to try eating seasonally and see if my body will also adjust to the land like my spirit is. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Eating local

  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience and foraging insight on chanterelles! You truly inspired me to explore the woods in new ways, I look down everywhere I walk now 🙂

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