some thoughts from my float


Last Saturday, I heard it was going to rain for a whole week.  It was sunny out, and I was taking the day off.  I grabbed my float and literally went out on the lake and fell asleep.  Not smart, understood.  But the lake is spring fed, and cold and refreshing, and   the surroundings are amazing. So It is now six days later and my sun poisoned forehead and upper arms are still suffering, but I found myself seeking sunlight again today, as we go into more than a week of heavy dark rainy days.  I need light!  I think I learned last year that I am really kind of sensitive to the seasons, the darkness and light balances, and i just need to pay attention.

IMG_3684I have to say though, I loved laying out there.  Everyone was around, the night before, we have this incredible

IMG_3699gathering of musicians in the woods, where you heard the best music, all amongst friends.   We sat out there listening all night.  I rode my bike down in the dark.  I rode it home most of the way, but forgot about that big nasty hill, and had to walk it til i got to the top.  I think I’ll be able to ride up it by the time I leave the Earth Home in October. At least, a goal

There were yogis stretching on the stage by 10 the next morning, when i strolled past strolling right into the water…. 185825_1850374582954_5722131_nI met Sugar Kayne, an Atlanta Musician I have always admired in person and floated and shared with her for an hour or so, met some other floaters/new friends, and then some more… got to see friends all day, everyone happy, gardening, eating, swimming, sharing, being. It was the most relaxing day I had had in so long.  I feel kind of understood here.  That doesn’t always happen.    So I knew that sun was probably too much on my irish skin, but I was going for it.  I was in some kind of heaven this Saturday.

IMG_3733 Being in all this rain has made me miss my floaty.  I started doing some of my yin yoga poses on the float while Grace O’Malley swims beside me.  Sometimes I fall in.  I always laugh. And so does Gracie.


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