playing in the mud

IMG_3999so i just washed my face for the five hundreth time today. That’s my new thing;  I wash my face. It’s a little OCD actually, and I recognize that, but for some reason, if your face is clean, it makes up for your feet not being clean; and mine never are.  We have had a week or more of non stop rain, and I am shocked that inside the Earth Home is not leaking.  So far, it hasn’t at all.  (Way to go you guys!) But what it is, is a muddy mess. The roof is saturated, and my garden is turning to mush.  This darn rain and cloud has not been mild on my otherwise glamorous lifestyle (snicker). And for the last week, or maybe more I have really not had any power. So yeah, that kind of sucks.  I am assuming from what I read, and what my friend James told me, is that the battery will eventually wear out from lack of charging, (cloud cover) and it throws one floor and then the next.  So on occasion, I get the little light upstairs to work, but downstairs in the kitchen, I light candles and gas lanterns, otherwise I am training myself to go to bed earlier.  It was time for that anyway.

IMG_2732My friend Christina who lives in the neighborhood co-teaches the yoga class here with another friend, Ken is embarking on a new workout which will require me to get up at 7:00 or earlier in order to do her program.  So, going to bed at 1:00 will be cruel and probably ugly.

IMG_3761 I’m up for the challenge though.  In these beautiful woods the past week I have gone wild mushroom picking for dehydrating, preserving and eating.  I am learning so much.  I have loved walking every day through the woods to see what I can harvest, walking with friends on the most gorgeous trails around. And I am loving the exercise.  I mean, I have rediscovered my love for this area for sure.  For a while there, after 18 years in North Georgia, I thought maybe it was time IMG_3915to move on, maybe go back home, be in a colder climate, near some cliffs, the ocean… It has actually tormented me now for the last few years. But the other morning, I realized that I finally found the kind of place that feels like a new family.  I watch how everyone is with the other, and with me. And it’s kind of beautiful.  Artists, creatives, Wood Sprites, Healers, Food growers, teachers of every taste, a delicious menu of the most kind, responsible humanoids in one small neighborhood.  I truly love it here.  And if I can’t find a place to fit my idea for a tiny moveable home, then I will seek a sustainable living scenarios just like this one.  So great to have the same ideas and goals as your neighbors, who you can truly call friends.

IMG_2537My studio of course is fabulous, sistering the yoga studio, in avalon, and it’s four roads over from Earth Home.  Today when I rode to my daughter’s and to get clay in Atlanta, I felt a little shell shocked. It had been a while since I drove in the infamous 8 lane highway of the atlanta throughway.  And everyone’s an asshole by the way.  Maybe not all the time, but today YES.  Maybe end of 4th of July travelers who are all pissed off that they got rained out, but people were speeding, honking, and one chick flicked her cigarette butt at me out her window while my convertible top was down. I mean, seriously?  I could not wait to get back to the woods, with the exception of scooping up my daughter and her two gorgeous sweeties and having them come too.

IMG_2516Now, I am sitting at the Earth home kitchen table, looking at my new fun purchases from the Chinese supermarket that I got today while getting clay.  I stocked up on seaweed, organic yums, rice paper, and fun cooking ingredients.  Grace O’Malley is happy I am home.  I open both doors, pull back the purple sheers and announce to Aine (my new kitten) and to Gracie that it is time to go out!  Get some air in here.  I light twelve incense sticks I just bought from the market.   It’ll dry out eventually. but as i am sitting here, i am realizing it is raining again.  I bet go pull up my roof!  dammit!  My old Miata is sick of this!

IMG_3660I do that all the time, and I should know better.  I was just so darn hot when I got home from Atlanta, I just wanted into my shade.  Interesting note though, as i walked up to my car, fussed with the roof, hand cranked the windows, got another load to bring down, I didn’t feel one raindrop.  And it’s raining pretty hard.  That’s how many trees are overhead.   I truly feel off the grid, in a very wonderful, freeing way.

I look at my roof garden as I walk by and hope that my hollow stemmed squash and cukes and all the other things I planted will survive the 40 days and 40 nights.  Thankful for the ark.IMG_3661

Uh Oh, I hear a drip.  Yes!  Damn, a drip! I better get some pans.muddy_feet_vi_by_lateris_ventilagium-d5rjyvi


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