Potty Talk

The Earth Home has a composting toilet outside the place, tucked a tiny bit into the woods.  It was a pressboard structure, fully functioning, but truly a make-shift situation, from 5 gallon buckets, and some cut holes, with happy seats put on top of them 🙂  So, while I was worrying about my granddaughter freaking out about using this (which she didn’t, but my 17 year old refuses to use it at all)  I noticed some spiders that had made  na home, and some other interesting bugs, which my grand-daughter DID quickly point out to me, I decided to give the little house a happy face lift for my friends.  I first, blasted the whole thing with water and washed the whole thing up, then I set up shop with my spray paint collection.   I grew a garden, invited a smiling butterfly to join in, under the cloud and sunshine 🙂 Then I wrote, “Share a Message of Love”, where I hung a sweet colorful basket filled with sharpies where you can share a happy message to all who visit.   It’s just a little happy colorful sharing for my friends.   Happy poopy composting !

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