Munchkin Time

IMG_2464My Granddaughter came to the Earth house to stay with me for the weekend.  It was my birthday.  I was worried about her freaking out about the composting toilet, but she adjusted to that right away without issue.  The occassional spider and ant however, sent her into a screaming fit if they snuck up on her unannounced 🙂


IMG_2429A friend’s daughter came up, and we all played in the woods for the day. Every toy was touched and loved.  We had tea parties, picnics with cool wooden food, we played Farm with a great wooden barn all equipped with horses, cows and even a unicorn,  we stomped through the woods and did lots of swinging on the swingset, hiked on the trails, we ate yummy food, watched movies, and even did a little gardening.   At one point, as she was inside gathering up more toys to tote out into the sunshine, she screamed at the top of her lungs, which brought me and Elohi running inside. I said, WHAT is WRONG! and she said, AN ANT!!! and as she said that, Elohi, a year younger than Serenity, and brought up in the woods, burst into laughter, which was so funny to me – we were both laughing at how funny it was to worry about such little things.  Serenity of course did not find this amusing.  By Sunday, after walking in from outside, and going out to the swings by herself, staying barefoot, and acclimating to this situation, she sees a Newt crawling on the bookcase, with a gorgeous indigo tail.  She says (not screams), LOOK! A real Live Lizard! and I said, yes, that is Fred, he lives here sometimes. He crawled across the crystal, and she smiled and went about her business, not giving it another thought.


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