Earth HOME

IMG_1235At the beginning of May, I was given the opportunity to caretake the Earth House in Heartwood for some friends while they worked in New England.  After bouncing around, and struggling to figure out what happens next,  I considered this a great opportunity to be able to reconnect with nature, do some gardening, live simply, save some money so I could get my own place again, not to mention be around all the people I love here.


The Earth House is a remarkable place built by a loving family who wanted to live a naturalIMG_1210 life, raise their beautiful children, and not overuse our resources. Go back to basics. They have solar panels on the roof that power the lights, tv, computer, phone chargers and fans if needed, three bedroom areas with cozy beds, a great skylight in the middle of the structure. They have a composting toilet detached from the structure,  a washer and a clothes line, a gas oven/stove, an outdoor shower,  an outdoor kitchen through the woods near a sweet little swing-set that my granddaughter ran right towards. There is a wood oven inside for heat and cooking in the winter.   There is no refrigerator, but there is a cold box that requires ice, so I freeze water and bring it in and my fresh food stays good.  There is a beautiful little outdoor area for IMG_1212sitting, and of course, gardens all over, now brimming with food plants that i’ve brought in for the season.  Trails through the woods lead to cool campsites, the drum circle and the lake and community gardens.  My studio, kiln and work space, right up the road 🙂


The place feels cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cold. It’s kind of amazing. So far, I have loved being here.  It’s a challenge at times, and more like camping with lots of perks.  The food tastes better here and Grace O’Malley is right at home, for the first time since loosing our house. IMG_1249


I sleep soundly now, which feels so good.  So my intention while here, is to write about my experiences and my summer in the Heartwood Earth House.  stay tuned




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