on the Fast Track

I am on my journey this week. The journey to help my friends move their things from their Blue Ridge home to their new condo in Hollywood Florida.  We drove down yesterday. It was a 14 hour event.

IMG_0296I am also on another kind of journey. Before I left I was guided to step up my breathing and intention work by a teacher of mine.  I am on a fast track to improving my life.  I am ready for bigger, better and things far more wonderful than i ever could have imagined.  This saying, along with others, was gifted to me for my trip, to place near my bed, read it, inhale it, believe it.  I am also to do a deep breathing exercise every hour for five minutes.  The breath looks like this. Breathe in to 6, Hold 4, Exhale 8, Hold 2.  Whilst doing this, I am to visualize and feel my breath flooding areas of my body.  I like to see it as light cleaning everything inside. Yellow or gold breath.  Sometimes, it takes on a life of it’s own, and I see it the way it wants to be seen.   I also like to see that breath leave my body with all it collected, so I tend to see my breath on the exhale muted.  I am to do this exercise mindfully. I am supposed to show gratitude to my fears (my primary stopping block from going forward) for being there to show and guide me, and then I am to release that fear.  Without anger or judgement, just accept the fear, thank it, and send it on it’s way.  I was told to do all of this work until I knew when to stop.  My friend said “you will know when you know”.  He wrote, ‘Fake it til you make it’ among his instructions on the back of a large envelope for me to take with me.

Things like this make sense to me, and since I have recently seen what a little meditation can shift, I am most certainly willing to do this.  I need the fast track, most certainly.  Free, and available to me.  Non-medicated, no therapist fee, I can do this.  I have some control.

I was also sent with a box of cards called Soul Coaching Cards.  I am to pull one of these cards every day.  They each have a different affirmation. I am to read, and maybe make this my mantra for the day.

Cover of "Soul Coaching"

Cover of Soul Coaching

Note: I am a real person, imperfect and being really structured about things is not my strong point. So, as I share this stuff, I will be honest.

So, my two friends I am with this week are being good sports and are also pulling cards, being mindful and they say they are deep breathing, but I don’t think they really are.  I am though.  I just am not able to do it every hour.  It’s a little harder than I thought, especially if you are out and busy. But I am doing the best I can, considering I am not alone, and on a bit of a different schedule.  I find the breathing exercise easy, as I have been doing breath work since my twenties.  Having learned from my hypnotherapist, I figured out very quickly that I do forget to breathe quite often, and when i stop and do mindful breathing, that everything can shift.  I have found it over the years to be an incredible tool.  I didn’t always use it when I should have, but it is there for us to grab hold of.

Soul Card for the Day: PASSION.  YES! Fire, just what I needed.  So I start of my week with the card of passion and fire.  The affirmation says I passionately love and accept myself.  Well, that sure came at the right time, as I look into the mirror and nothing fits me, and I’m irritated with myself for the chub factor i let take over.   Okay, fine, love the way you are, have gratitude and stop judging my body, my looks, everything. Body Dismorphia, step aside, I passionately love myself, so give it a rest.  I spent the day reminding myself that I love myself.  I try to remember my passion and fire (my soul! what makes me firey!) and focus on my breath, being open to the possibilities.  I walk around a new town and look and listen to the people here. I imagine myself in this different environment, try it on, see if it fits.  It’s hard to know this.  I will pull another card tomorrow and start day 2 of my fast track breath work.


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