New Moon Wishing – December 2012

New Moon Wishingsolar_eclipse

Harness the power of the  Moon to manifest all of your  desires!

  • December 13 – New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 08:42 UTC.

  • SPECIAL NOTE FOR THIS NEW MOON!!!  December 13, 14 – Geminids Meteor Shower. Considered by many to be the best meteor shower in the heavens, the Geminids are known for producing up to 60 multicolored meteors per hour at their peak. The peak of the shower usually occurs around December 13 & 14, although some meteors should be visible from December 6 – 19. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Gemini. This year the new moon will guarantee a dark sky for what should be an awesome show. Best viewing is usually to the east after midnight from a dark location.

  •  We can all harness the power of the New Moon in this way.  It is an Earthly and Universal gift of energy that is available to anyone who chooses to use it.

By setting up a ritual every New Moon, one can harness the power.  Take the time to relax, light a candle and some incense if you desire.  Set the mood for a quite meditative experience.  Feel what your heart desires.  Pick up a pen and paper and write what you desire within your life.  Try not to scatter your energies by asking for too much.  Keep it simple by keeping your list to less then 10 items.  Direct the energy by asking for less.  It is best to harness the Power around the time of the New Moon within 8 hours after.  However, due to hectic day-to-day life (something that you can wish away) it may not be that easy to find the time right then and there.  Keep in mind that the energy of the New Moon lasts for approximately 48 hours afterwards as well.

 When you are New Moon Wishing, it may take longer then one moon cycle for you to see results.  Your intentions should factor in that what you ask for must be in alignment with your Higher Self.  If it is a desire within your heart, then it is in alignment with your Higher Self.  If you are experiencing any blocks in that area of life of your wish, you may need to go deeper into the situation before a manifestation can be achieved.  Look into the problem, and see honestly if there is something that you must do or ask for before you can manifest the ‘big’ wish.  It is as simple as maybe there are things you need to release before you can manifest new.  Make space on every New Moon by releasing a negative trait of the energy that you may be holding on to.

Your wording also should be taken into consideration when writing a wish.  Remember that you must capture the ‘feeling’ of your wish and not the logic or grammar content.  Take into account that certain words have feelings associated with them.  When we phrase an affirmation a certain way, there are feelings behind some of the words that we choose.  Use words that have ease, health and happiness associated with them.

Another thing to remember is that energy takes the path of lease resistance.  When making a wish, do not just sit back and wait for it to happen.  Work towards the wish and it will manifest quicker and easier.  We are setting energetic intentions and not miracles.

Each New Moon is unique as it travels through the Zodiac Signs.  Find out what days and times are in alignment with harnessing the energy.  The energy or wishing that you should align yourself with is whatever sign it takes place with.

So if the Moon is in ……


Moon in Aries

bullet New Beginnings – New paths, initiating, high energy, taking action, innovative approaches.
bullet Self-Focus – physical body, survival issues, instincts, assertiveness.
bullet Innocence & Authority – honesty, authenticity, impulsiveness, straight forwardness.
bullet Self-discovery – exploration, taking risks, eagerness, competition.  
bullet Independence  – self-direction, self-reliance, self-sufficiency.
bullet Warrior Nature -courage, leadership, strength, boldness.
bullet I AM self – connection with the Divine impulses within the self.
bullet Releasing self-absorption – lack of awareness in others, selfishness, vanity, impulsive action that alienates others, anger, impatience.
bullet Health Focus– acne, headaches, eyes, head, face, scalp and brain.


Moon in Taurus


bullet Accumulation – money, ownership, possessions.
bullet Physical Senses – Sensuality, massage, physical comfort, aromas, tastes.
bullet Enjoyment of Life – appreciation, gratitude, simple physical pleasures, rapport with nature, satisfaction, contentment.
bullet Building- solid foundations, persistence, progressing step by step, thoroughness, perseverance.
bullet Reliability – patience, dependability, trustworthiness, steadfastness.
bullet Self-Worth – awareness of personal needs, setting appropriate boundaries, strong values, determination, self-acceptance.
bullet Releasing Inflexibility – stubbornness, attachment, resistance to change, possessiveness, holding dogmatic opinions, stagnations.
bullet Health – coughs, throat, chin, neck, thyroid gland, voice and vocal cords.


Moon in Gemini

bullet Motion – automobiles, short trips, transportation, restless energy, excitability.
bullet Learning – factual information, formal education, print media, curiosity, logical thinking.
bullet Communication – writing, speaking, listening, teaching, mental rapport, understanding different opinions.
bullet Logic – awareness of options, cleverness, short-term results, handyman skills, ingenuity, variety.
bullet Social Skills – tact, acceptance, quick thinking, enjoying the moment, wittiness, social nature.
bullet Relationships – with siblings, neighbors, schoolmates, roommates.
bullet Releasing Overactive Mental Processes – excessive questioning, trickery with words, superficiality, nervousness, indecision.
bullet Health – hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, hay fever, lungs, breathing, nervous system.


Moon in Cancer

bullet Foundations – personal internal frame of reference, home, family, gut instincts.
bullet Safety – security, feeling of belonging, protection, tenacity, financial security.
bullet Processes – training and practicing, early childhood conditioning, growth, nurturing new beginnings.
bullet Emotional Closeness – caring, empathy, vulnerability, intimacy.
bullet Feelings – changing moods, awareness of our own feelings, sensitivity to others feelings, tenderness, awareness of needs.
bullet Nurturing – giving & accepting support, food, mother, close family relations, taking care of others, being taken care of by another.
bullet Releasing Self-Protection – clinginess, feelings of insecurity, possessiveness, overly cautious behaviors, fears of rejection, a lack of definite goals.
bullet Health – breasts, chest activity, pancreas, stomach, stomach gas, ulcers, tumors.


Moon in Leo

bullet Personal Heart Connections – romance, children, dating, intense love encounters, giving approval, seeking approval.
bullet Creativity – Enthusiasm, creative projects, artistic expression, total subjective involvement, self-actualization, passion.
bullet Giving Love – loyalty, generosity, bringing joy, encouragement, and kindness.
bullet Pleasure and Celebration – fun, play, games, parties, vacation, recreational sports, taking risks for excitement.
bullet Dignity – recognition, being center stage, self-confidence, powerful individual expression, radiance, benevolence
bullet Determination – leadership, concentrated focus, follow through, strength of purpose, resoluteness, stamina.
bullet Releasing Arrogance – pride, being overly dramatic, self-centeredness, extravagance, bossiness.
bullet Health – back and spine, exhaustion, heat exhaustion, heart, inflammations.


Moon in Virgo

bullet Physical Health – diet, exercise, establishing good health habits, weight control, healing, healers.
bullet Work – jobs, work projects, tasks and errands, co-workers, structured routines.
bullet Organization – orderly environments, handling details, efficiency and planning, paperwork, and punctuality.
bullet Discrimination – analysis, critical thinking, focus, discernment.
bullet Service – willingness to adapt, practical helpfulness, purity helpfulness, purity of intent, conscientiousness.
bullet Synthesis – desire for perfection, processing, bringing order out of chaos, the ability to see how the pieces fit.
bullet Releasing Perfectionism – worry, criticism, blame and judgment, workaholic tendencies.
bullet Health – Bowels, intestines, constipation, diarrhea, digestion and assimilation, the Solar Plexus.


Moon in Libra

bullet Marriage – partnerships, agreements, sharing, interdependence
bullet Fairness – balance, equality, appreciation of opposite viewpoints, negotiation, counseling.
bullet Harmony – peace, beauty, art, decorations.
bullet Teamwork – giving and receiving support, collaboration, supportive relationships, cooperation, team identity.
bullet Sociability – Being companionable, tact, getting along with other people, one-on-one interactions diplomacy, affinity for others.
bullet Refinement – luxury, elegance, pampering, good taste, grace.
bullet Releasing Loss of Self-Identity – codependency, appeasing behaviors, indecision, aimless debate.
bullet Health – adrenal glands, buttocks, diabetes, kidneys.  


Moon in Scorpio

bullet Power – secrets, awareness of others needs and motives, politics, psychology, charisma.
bullet Transcendence – transformation, eliminating old emotions, change, restoration, forgiveness.
bullet Crisis – taking risks to gain power, compulsions, obsessions, intense interactions, living on the edge.
bullet Self-Mastery – good versus evil, strength, self-discipline, commitment, depth of character.
bullet Bonding – sex, absorption, soul mates, deep emotional connections, mutual validation.
bullet Financial partnerships – loans, taxes, debts, grants, wills & inheritances, contracts and business.
bullet Releasing Misuse of Power – revenge, jealousy, harsh judgments, destructive urges, power struggles, abandonment, suspicion, and guilt.
bullet Health – rectum, colon, bladder, and organs of elimination, PMS and menstruation, sexual diseases, male and female sexual organs.


Moon in Sagittarius


bullet Quest for Truth – religion, prayer and higher guidance, places of worship, frankness and honesty, direct communication.
bullet Natural World – connections to nature (outdoors), intuition, peace of mind.
bullet Freedom – spontaneity, adventure, positive expectations, explorations, foreign travel.
bullet Law – attorneys, lawsuits, ethics, morality, conscience, court proceedings.
bullet Optimism – faith, friendliness, good luck, generous spirit, gallantry.
bullet Higher Education – mentors, colleges and universities, philosophy, seeking answers, finding solutions.
bullet Releasing Carelessness – shortcuts, self-righteousness, making assumptions, excesses, extravagance, blunt communication, Pollyanna approaches.
bullet Health – Hips, liver, sciatica, thighs, upper legs.


Moon in Capricorn


bullet Future Needs – time, making sensible decisions, maturity, retirement, old age.
bullet Responsibility – self-discipline, adult behavior, keeping commitments, competency, public image.
bullet Goals – ambition, defining goals, using opportunities, professions, hard work.
bullet Successes – accomplishments, recognition, social status, achieving goals.
bullet Management – following protocol, delegating responsibility, being in charge, respect.
bullet Authority – fathers, bosses, other authority figures, tradition, reputation.
bullet Releasing Excessive control – lack of joy, sternness, fear of new approaches, pessimism, inflexibility, and self-justification.
bullet Health – bones, joints, arthritis, rheumatism, gall bladders and gallstones, knees, skin, psoriasis and itching.


Moon in Aquarius

bullet Inventions – innovative ideas, brilliance, eccentricity, understand how things work.
bullet Future – new trends, high technology, long-range goals, following your hearts desire.
bullet Humanitarianism – seeking outcomes that are good for everyone involved, identification with human kind, interest in others, operating from a larger world view.
bullet Revelations – excitement, unexpected results, surprises, revitalizing experiences, freedom.
bullet Big Picture – objectivity, seeking knowledge, tools of divination, humor, manifesting dreams.
bullet Friendships – friends, groups, networking, open friendly approaches, forthrightness, giving and receiving of platonic love.
bullet Releasing Excessive Detachment – cold aloofness, fear of involvement, erratic or shocking behavior, inflexible opinions.
bullet Health – ankles and calves, circulation, cramps and spasms, varicose veins.


Moon in Pisces

bullet Illusive States – confusion, sleep, fantasy, imagination, chaos.
bullet Joyful states – internal happiness, bliss, ecstasy, universal love.
bullet Psychic Sensitivity – gentleness, emotional sensitivity, awareness of subtle energies, mystical states, harmlessness.
bullet Higher Power – surrender, trust, faith, spiritual awareness, channeling of spiritual power.
bullet Spiritual Healing – meditation and yoga, desire for inner peace, angelic assistance, quiet time, spiritual purification.
bullet Unconditional Love – forgiveness, understanding, non-judgmental thinking, tolerance, acceptance, compassion, acknowledging oneness.
bullet Releasing Victim Mentality – Defeatist attitudes, procrastination, panic attacks, deception, addictions, and disappointments.
bullet Health – colds, feet, bunions, corns, lymphatic system, poisoning and toxicity.



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